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  • 10/21/2013

    This 5-page memo from Peter Weber, OSAA Assistant Executive Director, and Patrick Duffy, OSAA Soccer State Rules Interpreter, outlines procedures and points of emphasis for officials to review prior to the 2013 OSAA Soccer Playoffs.  Included are copies of the 4th Official's Responsibilities and OSAA Tiebreaker Procedures.  Please take the time to review this information.  Thanks in advance for your efforts in the coming weeks.

    2013 Playoff Procedures and Points of Emphasis

  • 8/19/2013

    This memo outlines reminders regarding the OSAA Soccer Plan, Varsity Home Team Uniform Requirement (new for 2013), Fall Practice Model/Heat Index Calculator, Health and Safety Information, Jamborees, OSAA Adopted Soccer Interpretations, Official and Team Areas, Officials - Host School Responsibilities, Coaches Responsibilities for Player Equipment, Second Cautions, Shinguard Requirement and numbers on Goalkeeper Jerseys.  It was recently sent to AD's and Varsity Soccer Coaches at all member schools, as well as posted to the Soccer page of the OSAA website.

    2013 Reminders Memo to Schools

  • 8/1/2013

    This 21-minute video, narrated by OSAA State Rule Interpreter Patrick Duffy, reviews incidents from last year's state championship matches.  The video clips and commentary highlight key areas, including Positioning, Free Kicks and Player Management. 

    Remember that the video is intended as a training tool for all referees and is not intended as a criticism of any referee crew.

    Click here to play the 2013 OSAA Referee Training Video

  • 7/23/2013

    This video from the NFHS and NISOA reviews each of the rule changes and points of emphasis for the 2013 season.  Skip ahead to 3:45 to begin the rule change section.  The rule change review lasts about 10 minutes.

    Click here to watch the video

  • 6/17/2013

    The annual Soccer Commissioner Rules Clinic will be conducted on Friday, August 2 at the OSAA Office in Wilsonville.  The clinic will begin at Noon.

    Officials packets will not be distributed at the clinic this year.  All packets will be mailed directly to officials once they have completed registration. 

    Please note that a representative of your local association is required to attend the meeting in order for your officials to be eligible for State Championship assignments.

    Contact Peter Weber at or Roni Illias at

  • 6/17/2013

    Each soccer official who registers through Arbiter will receive a packet with the following contents:

    Item Price
    NFHS Soccer Rules Book 2013 $7.00
    NFHS Insurance $17.00
    2013-14 OAOA Dues $15.00
    Criminal History Check $3.00
    OSAA Certification Patch $1.50
    Sport Specific Pre-Season Guide $1.50
    Leadership Officiating Guide $1.50
    Shipping/Handling Fee (all packets now being mailed) $5.00
    TOTAL $51.50
  • 7/26/2012


    Social networking sites can be wonderful communications tools. But there can be unintended consequences if they are used improperly. Because of their unique standing, officials need to be particularly careful when using those sites. Here are some reminders and guidelines.

    DO be aware that posts on social media are visible to the general public. Even if you limit access to your page to friends, it is likely that your post will be viewed by someone beyond the circle of people you intended to see it.

    DO find out your association or league expectations regarding social media. Your association may not have hard and fast rules, but find out if it has an unofficial policy.

    DO think twice before you post. If there is anything in your post that could be construed as a criticism of officials, of officials’ decisions, or of schools, coaches or athletes…it’s better left unsent.

    DO assume that your post will be seen by the two teams you will see in your next game and the teams you worked in your previous game as well as your partner(s) in those games.

    DON’T post anything relating to the schools you have worked or will work. It calls your objectivity into question.

    DON’T include anything in a post that makes reference to an upcoming assignment. If teams want to find out who is going to be working their game, they should do so through official channels, not your tweet.

    DON’T post details about other people’s assignments, to playoff games for instance, until that information has been officially released. Don’t use your page as a news service.

    DON’T use social media to criticize state or local association policies, assigning practices, etc.

    DON’T make posts regarding calls made by officials in other games, whatever the level. You and your buddies might debate the call you saw on TV, but debating the call on Facebook or Twitter is a no-no.

    Lastly, accountability and integrity should always be our guiding principles. Jeopardizing your impartiality or professionalism should never be a part of your actions or posts.

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