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  • 9/16/2020

    This online training course covers important OSAA policy reminders, NFHS rule changes for 2020-21, points of emphasis, comparison between NFHS rules and IFAB Laws of the Game, a review of OSAA specific rule interpretations, and health and safety considerations for 2020-21.

    » 2020-21 OSAA Soccer Pre-Season Presentation - Online Training Course

    This online training course includes a review quiz andMore...

  • 7/7/2020

    Each soccer official who registers through Arbiter will receive a packet with the following contents:

    Item Price
    NFHS Soccer Rules Book 2020 $8.00
    NFHS Insurance $17.00
    2020-21 OAOA Dues $20.00
    2020-21 Criminal History Check $9.00
    OSAA Certification Patch $2.00
    2020-21 Soccer Pre-Season Guide $2.00
    2020-21 Leadership Officiating Guide $2.00
    Velcro Backing $1.00
    Shipping/Handling Fee (all packets mailed) $6.00
    TOTAL $67.00
  • 5/31/2015

    Steps to complete the concussion course:

    1. Click the right-most tab titled ELIGIBILITY in the black navigation bar near the top of the page.

    2. This brings up your Eligibility Center; under the Started section, click an eligibility to expand its listing.

    3. A list will appear showing the requirements for the selected eligibility; next to the "Understanding Concussions - What Officials Need to Know" item, click the View Clinic link.

    4. A pop-up dialog will appear; click the OK button to proceed.

    5. The training course will load in another window on a platform hosted by BrainShark. The course takes about 10 minutes to complete.

    6. Within BrainShark, the icon displayed in the upper-right indicates your completion status. This icon will appear red to let you know that you still have more course slides to complete. After you have completed the course, ensure that this icon appears green - noting that you have met all of the completion criteria.

    7. You will receive an email from confirming you’ve completed the OSAA concussion course with a PDF certificate attachment.

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