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  • 10/9/2021

    Individual Online Training Course:
    » 2021 OCEP Soccer Playoff Certification Training Course

    Instructions for Trainers/Associations:
    For group training, track attendees and send to the OAOA:

    • Name
    • Email Address
    • USSF Grassroots (Grade 8) Training - Yes/No

    After the meeting, send roster of attendees via email to Debi Hanson who will update eligibilities on ArbiterSports for this year.

    » 2021 OCEP Soccer Playoff Certification Training Course - Trainers

  • 9/8/2021

    Updated information for OSAA soccer officials regarding OHA mandates and guidelines.  Updated 9/8/2021.

    » View PowerPoint Presentation

  • 8/17/2021

    This online training course covers important OSAA policy reminders, NFHS rule changes for 2021-22, points of emphasis, comparison between NFHS rules and IFAB Laws of the Game, and a review of OSAA specific rule interpretations.

    » 2021-22 OSAA Soccer Pre-Season Presentation - Online Training Course

    This online training course includes a review quiz and the official and their commissioner areMore...

  • 7/7/2021

    Each soccer official who registers through Arbiter will receive a packet with the following contents:

    Item Price
    NFHS Soccer Rules Book 2021 $8.00
    NFHS Insurance $17.00
    2021-22 OAOA Dues $20.00
    2021-22 Criminal History Check $9.00
    OSAA Certification Patch $2.00
    2021-22 Soccer Pre-Season Guide $2.00
    2021-22 Leadership Officiating Guide $2.00
    Velcro Backing $1.00
    Shipping/Handling Fee (all packets mailed) $6.00
    TOTAL $67.00
  • 7/6/2021

    Steps to complete the concussion course:

    1. In the black navigation bar at the top, click the right-most tab titled ELIGIBILITY.

    2. This brings up your Eligibility Dashboard.  Under the Current Eligibilities, click the OSAA sport eligibility for the current membership year.

    3. A list will appear showing the requirements for the selected sport and its eligibility levels.  Scroll until you find that year's requirement named Understanding Concussions - What Officials Need to Know.

    4. Click the Take Online Clinic link.

    5. The training course will load in another window on a platform hosted by BrainShark.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the course (approximately 10 minutes).

    6. You will receive an email from confirming you’ve completed the OSAA concussion course with a PDF certificate attachment.

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